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Student Leadership

We are so excited to continue our FSY Student Leadership Program!

Student leadership is designed for kids who want to go to the next level in their faith. It is for the kids who want to go deeper in the word, be challenged in greater ways, and serve in a larger capacity.

This year’s program will run from November, 2017 until July 2017, and applications are due on October 29 at 10am.

What will we do?

  1. Learn about Leadership, and go deeper in the word of God
  2. Do Service Projects / Outreach Events (Dates TBD)
  3. Go on a Missions Trip to San Francisco (Date TBD)
  4. Camping / Outreach on the Klamath River (Date TBD)


When do we meet?

  1. Once a month, Sundays at Noon. The schedule will general look like this:
    1. Noon – Eat Lunch Together
    2. 12:30 – Leadership Lesson
    3. 1:15 – Team Building Exercise
    4. 2:00 – Go Home

Note: Some months we may or may not have service projects on Sundays. They will be on different days of the week depending on what project we’re doing that month.


What does it require of students?

  1. Turn in application by October 29
  2. Go through interview
  3. Come to the monthly leadership days (training, project etc.)
  4. Have devotional time (Bible and prayer) every day
  5. Serve at CC Foursquare (e.g. nursery, children’s church, youth, worship team, etc.)


What does it cost?

  1. $30 up front for an event account.
  2. $100 for the San Francisco trip
  3. $40 for the Klamath Camping Trip




Student Leadership Team app 2017 
















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